OPEN MEETS in the 2014-2015 SEASON

Open Meets are swimming competitions, usually organized by swimming clubs, which usually last for one or two days.

The ASA runs a licensing system which demands the use of electronic timing, so that the results of licensed meets can be saved to the ASA database of results and rankings.

The ASA defines four levels of licensed meet: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

A Level 4 meet is usually a club championship, and is open to all club members.

A Level 3 meet will usually have minimal qualifying times (QTs), and are usually in 25m pools (termed "Short Course" or SC). They are meant for club swimmers who are seeking to obtain County QTs. They also have upper time limits (ULTs) and if a swimmer's pb in an event is above the ULT for the event, then the swimmer is not permitted to enter that event in the meet. The majority of "club level" swimming is at Level 3 meets.

Level 2 meets are usually ASA County Championships, also usually in 25m pools, but have slightly higher QTs than Level 3 meets, but no ULTs.

Level 1 meets must be held in 50m pools (as used in the Olympics), (also said to be "Long Course" or LC) and are usually for those seeking ASA National Championships Qualifying Times (NQTs). They have QTs to enter, but no ULTs.

The ASA Regional and National Championships are Level 1 meets.

The QTs at the various levels of meet are designed by the ASA (in their LTAD document) to direct the best competitive swimmers away from Level 3 meets in 25m pools into Level 1 meets in 50m pools.


50free 100free 200free 400free 800free 1500free

50back 100back 200back 50breast 100breast 200breast

50fly 100fly 200fly  200IM 400IM

Example.  I explain the conversion of the 50m freestyle time from 35.52 (SC) to a LC time.

Select the Conversion table 50free from the list above.
The file will be called Freestyle_50_55.pdf
Open it and look at the headers at the top of the table.
You are concerned with a swum distance of 50metres, and not 55 Yards, or 50 Yards.
Hence you you will use the two columns on the LEFT of the table with Sub-Headings 50 Metres and 25 Metres.
These sub-headings correspond to the length of the pool in which the swim takes place.
The Left hand column is for times in a 50m pool...LC times. 
The next column, headed 25 Metres is for times swum in a 25m pool...(SC) times.
You have a SC time.
Hence you will initially be looking in the second column from the left...the SC times.
You wish to convert 35.52 sec (SC).
First, dispense with the second decimal figure  for hundreths of a second...0.02 in this case  You will add it back in later.
Hence you have 35.5 (SC) left.
Look down the 25Metre = SC column (the second form the left) until you find 35.5
You have to scroll down to near the bottom of the 3rd page of the conversion table..
Now look across to the left from the 35.5 (SC) figure you have found.
You will see 36.1 in the leftmost the 50Metre/LC column.
This is your LC time to one decimal place.
Now just add on the number of hundredths you took off initially...0.02 in this case.
You end up with 36.12 as your LC time (converted from SC)

Three lengths of the White Oak pool is 110 yards. You can see from the "100" conversion tables that it is possible to convert times for 110 yards into SC (25m) and LC(50m) times. This is becasue 110years is very close to 100m.

Hence times obtained in multiples of 3L in our pool can be converted to SC times for Licensing purposes.

1 or 2 lengths of the WOSC pool gives lengths that are so far from either 100m or 50m that conversions are not possible.


Local (SC) Meets in 2014-2015 Season ( 1st Sept. -7th Jan.)

There are many meets in this list. You cannot swim in all, (you need to leave some time for training!) and you need to carefully select those in which your compete.

The club cannot support all these meets by sending coaches along to support club swimmers. The club will select those supported meets at which a club coach will attend. Beginning and developing swimmers should attend these club-supported meets before  they consider entering individually into meets which are not club-supported. Entries to club-supported meets will be managed by the Opens Sec./Club Sec.

If you enter non-Club-supported meets, then you need to do the entries yourself, and there will be no coach available at the meet. The information given below is hopefully of help to you in doing such individual entries, if you should wish. However, it is advisable to consult your coach before doing so.

Also, if you submit an individual entry to a Meet that the WOSC is not supporting, it would be appreciated if you could indicate that WOSC is sorry, but it will not be able to send a Coach or an Official to their meet.

The titles have been linked to the Entry information of the organizing club, where possible.

Erith & District Super Sunday Sprint Meet – 21 September  – Level 3 short course.

This is a short meet for swimmers new to Open meets. Our Opens Sec. and Club Sec. will be organizing the entry for this meet. You should have already been sent by email the entry forms, QTs,..., by the Club Sec. If you wish to enter, and have not received the details contact the Club Sec at .

Report by Lisa Farrow,

White Oak were out in force at this meet and put in some impressive performances, with many PBs and Kent times. 

Highlights include: Noah Enticknap – 3rd in 50 back, fly and free and Kent times in all plus his IM Ben Luxford -  2nd in 50 fly Nathan Wesley – 2nd in 50 back and a Kent time Tommy Bridge – 2nd in 50 free and a Kent time Demi Farrow – 2nd in 50 breaststroke and a Kent time Jade Farrow – 3rd in 50 breaststroke and freestyle

It was a very long day for many but some great achievements. Well done to all those who took part and a special thanks to Linda Hadler who looked after the swimmers and to Ian Enticknap and Angela Spells for timekeeping duties. 

Full Results: by Event  ;  by Club and Name

OJ Season starter – 27 & 28 September – Level 3 short course

This meet covers almost all events from 50m up to 400m, though unfortunately follows the Olympic model and allows only the 50m sprint in freestyle for swimmers older than 11.

The entry details, conditions and QTs, can be found in the OJ club website, accessed by clicking on the title of this section. Or, Entry details.

We are very late entering this Meet. The OJ deadline is 31st August.

OJ's state the MEET is "first come, first served", so we may find we get all our entries rejected because the meet is full.

Entries are CLOSED on this meet.

Get your school to enter a team.
ESSA London. Closing date for entry 25 Sept. for London. The Heats are on Monday 28th Sept.!!!

Maybe earlier for SE Division. Cheap, and local, but could lead to National Final at the Aquatics Centre.
[Both Tommy and Harry are leading teams from their schools.]
Not to be  confused with the ESSA Individual Championships, These events also have relays!?


Kent ASA Development Meet   9th  Nov. 2014.

This is for 10, 11 & 12 year olds who are NOT eligible for the Kent County championships.

The Kent Swimming Manager is Jean Scott, and she insists on a club entry, so please do NOT apply individually. Jean says she will fine the club £15 per individual entry!!!

The Closing dates for club entries are Mon 6 Oct. (Electonic) and Wed 8 Oct. (Paper forms and payment). Entries are now closed.

Programme       Conditions (including QTs)   Entry Form

1.  Complete the Entry Form(s) (Digitally) and email it to Opens Sec. [& please cc to and ]  by Mon 6 Oct. 

Read the Conditions, and about the QTs first. Do not Enter if you do not have the QTs.

2. Print your Completed Entry Form(s) and get the swimmer to sign them. This is so they realize they have to behave themselves. Take a copy for your records.

3. Write a Cheque to "White Oak Swimming Club" for the payment for the meet.

4. Bring the completed Entry Form(s) and Payment Cheque to the Pool, lower Cafe area, on a Wednesday club night, latest date WED 8th October, before 9pm.

Note that the Conditions of the meet do say that if the Meet is over-subscribed then some entries will have to be refused. These will be the slowest swimmers in each age group.

Any questions? Ask one of those email addresses above.


Bromley SC Autumn Gold Open Meet – 5 October -– Level 3 short course. Entry details.

Bromley SC's first Open Meet. NOTE: THERE ARE NO MINUMUM QTs!!!!!!

  Results.  Report.

Black Lion Autumn open meet – 26 October - Level 3 short course

This is not a "club supported meet".

Dartford & Erith fireworks meet – 1&2 November – Level 3 SC


If you still wish to enter before the DEFM deadline of 3 Oct. 2014, you will need to make an individual application. Please do not send entry forms to the Club or Opens Secs.

An event for improving swimmers trying to get County QTs.

All details can be found at
White Oak Swimmers were out in strength at the Dartford and Erith Fireworks Open. They won 20 medals in total, of which 5 were gold! See the medals table.

Medals were awarded for first 6 places.   BoysQTs Girls QTs for Kents15 Date 8/3/15

Summary opf Results (Lisa)
Demi: 1st
50, 100 & 200 breast, 3rd 100 IM,      Excellent Demi.
Noah: 1st
200 breast and back,                          Excellent Noah.
Megan: 3rd 100 fly,    Taylor: 3rd 200 IM,            Well done girls; Silvers at the next Open?
Jade: 4th 50 breast and 100 free,
Joshua: 4th 100 IM and 5th 50 fly, and 4 pbs ... well done Joshua.
Alex: 5th 200 free, in a 4 sec pb.   good pb!
Thomas Street: 4th 50 back, 6th 100 IM and 50 free.
Several swimmers scratched from races, some all entered...presumably because ill.
Get well soon.

Pic of Demi from day 1 with 2xG +1xB

Crawley Not So Early Bird meet – 15 November - Level 3 SC.

This meet is reducing to a 1-day meet and has gone SC.  Entry Details

This is not a "club supported meet". This means that if you wish to enter, then you will need to do so yourself using an Individual Entry Form. However, you should discuss entering this Meet with your coach. No parents are allowed poolside, and this could be a lonely experience if nobody else from WOSC attends.

If you do enter, please state in your entry that the meet is not supported by WOSC, and they will not be able to provide either a coach or an official for the meet.

Bexley LC Distance and Sprint level 1 open meet – 16 November – Level 1 long course. A one-day meet at Crystal Palace

This is not a "club supported meet". 50m & 100m events +800m free+1500m free.

Worth trying if you have already got County QTs, and want to experience LC racing.  But you should discuss wiwth your coach before entering.

LC is more tiring than SC, and over 100m free there is usually a 2-3 sec negative difference.

If you obtain Regional QTs then the Regional Championships in June are LC, as are the National Championships in July/August.

If you do enter, please state in your entry that the meet is not supported by WOSC, and we will not be able to provide either a coach or an official for the meet.

Beckenham Rising Stars Meet 2014. Sunday 23rd Nov. 2014.

Go to their Open  Meets Page for full details. Entry forms & QTs etc.  A meet for "rising stars" run by the best SC in Kent  and SE London (they claim) must be worth consideration! Their ULTs are rather high, to allow their own Rising Stars to enter presumably.

This is not a "club supported meet". You should enter Individually, as soon as possible, if you are interested.  If you do enter, please state in your entry that the meet is not supported by WOSC, and they will not be able to provide either a coach or an official for the meet.

Maidstone – 30 November – Level 3 SC Entry Pack

THIS IS A CLUB SUPPORTED MEET. Entries are now closed.

At Maidstone Leisure Centre, Mote Park, Maidstone, ME15 7RN When: Sunday 30th November 2014, warm ups: 8:45am and 1.30pm.

A full entry pack is available to download here which contains Promoter Conditions, Qualifying Times and Club / Individual Entry forms. 

Most the events are 100m events. The 50m sprints and the 100m IM are truly "Open" events with very high ULTs, even though this is a Level 3 meet.

Entry fees are £4.50 per event, plus club surcharge of 50p per event (max of £2 per child)

The initial closing date for submission of details for electronic entry by the club was 20 Sept., already gone! A new deadline date may be issued, as the Maidstone's entry deadline is 18 Oct. If you have missed the WOSC deadline, and if there is no news of a new club deadline before 4th September, then you should go ahead and submit an individual entry yourself, if you wish to attend this meet.


Gravesend and Northfleet – 6 December – Level 3 SC.

THIS IS A CLUB SUPPORTED MEET. Entry details to follow.

Bexley SC Meet – 3&4 January 2015  – Level 3 short course

THIS IS A CLUB SUPPORTED MEET. Club entry now Closed. Apply Individually if you wish to enter.

Usually the last local Level 3 SC meet before the Kent County SC Championships, and the last chance to get County QTs.

However, do not depend on this since the ASA competition structure is changing.



Orpington OJ's and EDSC Level 3 Open Meet: 22nd March, Gillingham.     All Details       Entry_Form   5% to charity.

Urgent: ENTRY DEADLINE 28 FEB. 2015. If you missed this club deadline, you might consider entering independently. Go to the OOJ or EDSC websites for entry details.

White Oak Swimming Club will be supporting this meet.
The Meet runs shortly after the County Championships and provides a great competitive opportunity to swimmers since there are relatively few Level 3 Opens at this time of year.

It is a Sunday Afternoon meet. There are no lower Qualification times.       Also, Time trials are allowed for those over the Upper Qualification times: they cannot get medals, but times do go on the database, Preference given to slower swimmers if over-subscribed.

 Complete the entry form fully for each swimmer. Please take your swim times and ASA No. from the ASA database:

Entries should  be sent as an email  attachement to our Opens Secretary, Lisa Farrow ( and a copy sent to myself  ( ).  BEFORE WEDNESDAY 28TH JANUARY. Please make the subject of email: "OJ&ERITH".


PAYMENT:- CASH OR CHEQUE (TO WHITE OAK SWIMMING CLUB). PLEASE ADD £2 TO YOUR TOTAL WHICH WILL GO TOWARDS  TEAM MANAGER / COACH PASSES.    Any problems, please email Lisa or Linda, or speak to a member of the committee.  

Linda Hadler WOSC Secretary.



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