White Oak Swimming Club Records




WOSC SC (25m pool) RECORDS (Uder Development) Boys Freestyle only.

This is an Excel Spreadsheet, in which Historical/Progressive record format is first explored for 50m and 100m Freestyle events. Subsequently a simple presentation of the record holder in each year is given.   

WOSC LC (50m pool)RECORDS  (Under Development) Boys only.

(Sorry Girls... will get there eventually).


Club Records. How fast are we? Some raw data for Boys 50m SC free.


The following information is provided for those who might be interested in the origin of these Record sets.


Pool Lengths


In the old days, when the club was  founded, athletic and swimming events were over “Imperial” distances.

The Imperial measurement system used an inch (about 2.54cm) as its smallest measure, and a mile as its largest.

A foot is 12 inches, a yard is 3 foot, or 36 inches. In comparison to the metric system, 1metre = 39 inches, approximately.


Further, a furlong is 220 yards, and there are 8 furlongs in 1 mile. Hence a mile is 1,760 yards, a half mile is 880 yards, and a quarter mile is 440 years.


The pool at White Oak Leisure centre was built in the old days, and has a length such that 3 lengths equals 110yards.

The length of the pool is therefore  yards = (x 36 x 2.54 / 100) metre = 33.53 m.

Hence 3L = 110 yards = 100.58 m. 3L of the WOSC pool is 58 cm more than 100m.


The ASA /British Swimming have conversion tables (called Performance Equivalence Tables) which can convert the time taken for a (n x 3L) swim in

 yard pool into the “equivalent (or expected/average) time taken for (n x 100m).


Hence swims in a yard pool may be used to obtained licensed times. They appear on the ASA/British Swimming Ranking database as times in 25m pools (after conversion).


The Imperial WOSC Records


These are record times obtained by WOSC swimmers, usually in the White Oak Leisure Centre Swimming Pool, but could in principle have been swum in another yard pool, such as that used by OJ’s Swimming Club in Orpington.


The information that would be expected of a record time nowadays, such as date of birth of the swimmer, date of swim, location of swim  etc…, were not recorded in the club’s Imperial records. Also, the age-groups that have been used are not single year age-groups which is the current standard. Finally, since most of the club’s Imperial records were set long ago, they were not set at ASA Licensed meets, and hence do not, and cannot, appear on the ASA rankings database.


It can be seen that the Imperial club records are not up to modern standards in terms of the auxiliary information recorded with modern records.  However, in order to conserve the club’s legacy, the Imperial records are preserved and presented in the form that has been traditionally used.


New Imperial records may be set provided they are set in conditions comparable to records set in former times. That is, a single stop-watch timing is regarded as acceptable for Imperial records.


White Oak Swimming Club Records SC & LC; Summary, Current and Historical.


In order to get the WOSC records up to speed, new pages of 25m (Short Course (SC)) and 50m (Long Course (LC)) records are being compiled, from the Summer of 2014. Future records to be included must have been electronically timed, and have complied with the usual ASA and FINA conditions for ASA Licensed meets. Normally future records will be Licensed, if they result from a swim in a licensed meet. However, some meets which satisfy the standard of licensed ASA meets are not licensed with the ASA. Examples are The Arena League (Lower Divisions), The Kent Junior League (sometimes) and the Millennium League. Times from such unlicensed swims (which are performed under licensed-equivalent conditions) will be recognized as valid for WOSC Record purposes. However, they will be asterisked to indicate their unlicensed status.


In starting to collect 25m and 50m pool records, obtained in League matches, Open Meets, and ASA Championships we have a blank sheet.


However, the ASA/British Swimming database of licensed swim times contains detailed data of over one million licensed swims over the last 15 or so years. Since the times obtained by WOSC swimmers over the last 15 years can easily be extracted from this database, classified by sex and age, it is possible to find out what the best SC and LC times for each event, sex and age-group for each of the past 15 years.


Hence, HISTORICAL club records can be constructed using data on swims by WOSC swimmers at licensed meets which have been stored on the public-access ASA database of results and rankings. From such Historical records, it is possible to extract just the most recent best time in each event and age-sex group to produce CURRENT records. Finally, some of the detailed information provided in the ASA database may be discarded (such as DoB) to produce SUMMARY records, which have a similar format to the Imperial WOSC records


The age-classes have been selected to be single year age classes, in line with the ASA records practice.

The age used is the age-at-swim, rounded down to the nearest whole year. This is achieved in Excel by the formula:

INT((Format Number(Age at Swim)-Format Number(DoB))/365.

If you want to know the exact age at swim, you can use this formula without the INT( ).


Three types of record format may be seen under 25m (SC) and 50m (LC) .


1. The most concise summary are the Summary records, classified by Event, Gender, age, and has just the name and the time as record data.


2. The middle level summary is Current records, classified by Event, Gender, age and the data-record has been chosen to follow the data-record metadata structure used on the ASA database, with the exception that the swimming club is not included, since all swimmers are members of WOSC, and only WOSC at the time of the record attainment.


3. Historical records. These have the same metadata as current records, but preserve the historical sequence of the fastest licensed swims by WOSC swimmers over the life of the ASA database, since about 2000.


These are all presented in different pages of WOSC Records Excel Spreadsheets.