Swimmers Information / Open Meets

What Are Open Meets?

These are competitions where Club swimmers enter individually using their previously achieved personal best time for each stroke and distance.The types of open vary according to the capability of the swimmers. The ASA have a licensing system of 4 categories which have been designed to broaden the range of competition available to swimmers.

Briefly the four categories are described as follows:

These are the highest grade of Open designed for swimmers of national standard and above. There has to be a ‘lower qualifying times’ (no slower than) but there is ‘no upper qualifying times (no faster than). Times achieved at these galas can be used for qualification to national, regional and county competitions.

These galas have both lower qualifying times and upper qualifying times although this is usually much faster than a national qualifying time and therefore not normally are restriction to entry. The ‘lower qualifying times’ however can vary considerably from open to open. Times achieved at these competitions can be used for qualification to national, regional and county competitions.

License 3 opens have upper qualifying times but not necessarily a lower qualifying time. The cut-off can be anything up to a National Standard.Times achieved at these opens can be used for qualification to county competitions.

These are intended for club swimmers and those beginning to enter individual open competitions. These opens must have an advertised upper qualifying time. Electronic timing is not compulsory, although preferred. Times achieved at these meets may be used for entry into meets at levels two and three and into county championships.

To look up your official ASA times that you have achieved at open meets you can use swimmingresults.org. Please note, as well as checking your times, you can also check your ranking in terms of your times in various strokes/distances at national, regional, county and club level.
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