Swimmers Info / Frontcrawl

Freestyle is also known as frontcrawl. Below are some swimming links that provide useful information or videos that will help you to improve your frontcrawl stroke.

BBC Front Crawl Swimming Guide - Basic
BBC Front Crawl Swimming Guide - Intermediate
BBC Front Crawl Swimming Guide - Advanced
BBC Mark Fosters Sprint Challenge
Freestyle - Reach, Ride, and Grab Drill Video. Swimming with paddles gives people a feeling of power as they pull, but this drill will help you focus on another aspect of your stroke... reach
Freestyle - Flutter Kick Focus Drill Video. To really sprint in freestyle, you're going to have to develop a strong kick. Focusing on how much you use your legs can really help this
Freestyle - High Hips Drill Video. It's amazing what having your hips just a couple inches higher in freestyle can mean to your efficiency and speed. While there are many body-position drills you can do to learn this, some swimmers may feel they just don't have time to work on drills
Freestyle - Single-Arm Trailing Drill Video. This is an old standby drill for freestyle that's been done by coaches and swimmers since as long as we can remember.
Full list of GO SWIM Freestyle Video Drills