General FAQS

The following are frequently asked general questions:

  • Q. What are the club colours?
    Club colours are green and white.

  • Q. What equipment do I need?
    To get the most out of swimming, swimmers need:
    • Swimming costume (suit for girls and shorts for boys)
    • Swimming hat
    • Goggles
    • Towel
    • Drinks bottle

    Swimmers in bronze squads upwards will need (in addition to the above):
    • Short blade training fins (short flippers)
    • Kick board
    • Pull buoy
    • Hand paddles (For Silver and Top Squads)

    Please note, club hats and club 'T-bags' must be worn at all events in which the club takes part. It helps to wear club colours at galas as spectators can see which lane you're in more easily. Swimming hats are compulsory for girls and for boys with long hair.

Competition FAQS

The following are frequently asked questions about competitions:

  • Q. What does 'Short course' mean?
    Events held in a 25m pool.

  • Q. What does 'Long course' mean?
    Events held in a 50m pool.

  • Q. What does DNC or DNF mean?
    A swimmers name at the bottom of a result sheet with DNC or DNF next to to it, this will mean that the swimmer DNC (Did Not Compete) or DNF (Did Not Finish).

  • Q. My name is on a result list but has DQ by the side, what does this mean?
    Unfortunately many competitive swimmers are DQ'd sometimes, this means disqualified. At the end of a pool will be time keepers, recording a final time achieved by the swimmer, by the side of the pool walking up and down are Judges. If a Judge feels that the swimmer has not touched properly performed a stroke incorrectly or false start i.e. entered the water before the starter gun/whistle this will result in a DQ.

    The club results reports note cases where a swimmer has been disqualified and, where possible, includes details of the reason for disqualification. The fact of disqualification is usually indicated on results pages by annotating the result with 'DQ' anf for more official events with a more specific disqualification code.

    If a swimmer is disqualified then he or she will be given no time on the results. Any time recorded by the timekeeper will not be treated as an official time and cannot be used as a qualifying time for any event. This a bit akin to goal in Football being disallowed for offside in that although the ball crossed the line no goal is counted in the actual score. More information on disqualification can be found on Swimmers Info / Disqualification Info menu item

  • Q. What does Heat Declared Winner (HDW) mean?
    If a gala states HDW (Heat Declared Winner), this means there are no finals. Therefore if you have 20 swimmers competing in a 50 metre freestyle race the winner will be the swimmer with the fastest time regardless if the swimmer swam in the first or last heat. At many meets including our Club Championships all the swimmers in a given event will swim in heats together regardless of age, starting usually with slowest in the first heat and the fastest in the last heat. This does not mean for example that 9 year olds are actually competing against 11 year olds or older as once all the heats are swum the swimmers times are sorted into the individual age groups and medals are awarded accordingly. Where an event is Heat Declared Winner there are no Finals.

  • Q. Why have qualified Officials?
    Fundamentally, the officials are there to ensure that a competition between swimmers is safe and fair. Health & Safety as with all aspects of life is fundamentally important. The promoter of a swimming event has the overall responsibility for Health & Safety, but due to it's importance, all officials on pool side must also keep their eyes peeled to try to prevent any accidents occurring. Fair play is achieved by following the laws and technical rules of the various swimming bodies, which leads to consistency not only within a single event, but also across all events in a league or championship.

  • Q. What types of Officials are there?
    There are 5 basic levels of qualification for a technical swimming official:
    • Timekeeper: Competent with a stop watch and able to act as a Chief Timekeeper at an event.
    • Judge: Knows the laws of the various strokes and is able to place the finishing order of an event.
    • Starter: Nice loud clear voice with the ability to settle the swimmers and start them fairly.
    • Race Results: Knows how to determine the result of a race using electronic timing. Qualified to act as a Deputy Referee.
    •Referee: Responsible for running the event safely and fairly.

    There are also other "non-technical" officials such as recorders and announcers. These do not require any particular qualification, but are still vital for the successful running of an event and include:
    • Announcer: Reads out safety announcements prior to gala and theen announces each race and any other information as directed by the referee. Poolside Job.
    • Recorders: Record results of each race from slips provided by judges. Normally two recorders are required, with both involving writing down results and cross-checking them throughout the evening. Poolside Job.
    • Runners: Throughout the gala getting results sheets from the Recorders and displaying them in the gallery, behind the spectators.
    • Door Money and Programme: Man a table in reception area to give out programmes and collect fee per adult spectator. For some galas there may also be raffle tickets to sell.
    • Door Sign In/Registration: For certain Galas, including Club Champs, swimmers need to register that they have turned up to swim. Ideally there should be a minimum of two people required, one to sign in boy swimmers and another the girls.
    • Marshals/Whips/Stewards: To make sure swimmers know what and when they are swimming (from lists provided) and guide them towards the starting blocks at the appropriate time.

    Each level of technical official consists of some training, a short examination and a practical evaluation of the skills required. Examples of the examinations and other helpful material can be found on the British Swimming Web site. If you are interested, have a look at the British Swimming site and speak to other members of your club about it. Most of the officials at an event are also approachable, so why not ask them about their experiences.

    Please remember, the officials are all volunteers and give up their time freely so that swimmers can enjoy their competition. Without them there would be no competitions. If you are interested in officiating please contact the Club Secretary:  (secretary@wosc.co.uk). Many thanks to those who have already volunteered!

Membership FAQS

The following are frequently asked questions about membership:

  • Q. Where can I find information about fees?
    This is available in Committee / Club Fees menu item on the Web site, or can be provided by the treasurer on club night (i.e. Wednesday evenings in the cafeteria).

Website FAQS

The following are frequently asked questions about the website:

  • Q. Can I have a password?
    Yes, of course if you are a club member. To get a username (ID) and password please email the Membership Secretary (memberssecretary@wosc.co.uk), and a username and password will be emailed to you. If you subsequently leave the club, your username and password will be deleted.

  • Q. My user id and password do now work?
    Please check the details you have been provided with. Did you enter exactly as provided. Please remember, the user id and password are case sensitive. If you are still having problems please email the Membership Secretary (memberssecretary@wosc.co.uk), and a username and password will be emailed to you. If you subsequently leave the club, your username and password will be deleted.

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Please let the WEB MASTER know if you find this useful and then more FAQs can be added to this site.
Remember, just like the officials, committee members, the web master is a voluntary role who gives up his time freely for the good of the members of the club so feedback about information about the site is appreciated.