ASA Championships and Meets

In 2015 there are five main "echelons" of ASA Championships. They are County, Regional, Zonal, Home-Country, British. They do not occur in this time-order. The County Championship is targetted at good club swimmers; the Regional Championshipps are targetted at good County swimmers,....etc.

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Arranged in Chronological order the Championships for 2015 are:

(i) ASA South East Region Winter SC Swimming Championships

At the Mountbatten Centre (Portsmouth) on 6th/7th December 2014. Level 2, SC.

Closing date for entries: 23:59 on Tuesday 25th November 2014.

Direct Individual On-Line registration and Entry... now  possible.

 (i) County Championships. The "Kents" traditionally take place in Feburary and early March. Level 2, SC = 25m pool.

15 February 2015 at Crystal Palace 1500/800

21/22 February 2015 at Medway Park, Gillingham

28 February/1 March 2015 at Medway Park, Gillingham

7 March 2015 at Medway Park, Gillingham

8 March 2015 Teams at Crystal Palace

KENT ASA Championships 2015
The Kents are almost upon us. If you have all your QTs then you may wish to start to fill in your Individual Entry Form .
Read the Championahip conditions carefully. They have changed from last year.
(A summary of the main points is given below)
You will need to check the Program, since you don't want too many events on top of each other.
Check that your times are equal to or under the QTs for Boys, or the QTs for Girls.
Check the ASA/BS database to look up your pb's if you do not know them.
No point knocking off the odd 0.2sec. The Electronic entry system will check and find out, and you will loose your fee.
You may wish to wait for the Bexley SC Open for the last chance to get a QT.  If so you must already have your Ind. Entry Form almost fully prepared, to be completed immediately after the Bexley SC Open on 3/4 Jan. 15. When the Word version of the form is complete:

(A) Send the Ind. Entry Form (as an Excel spreadsheet) as an attachment to and by Monday 5th Jan. 2015, at the latest. Please make the subject "KENTS".

(B) Print the Ind. Entry Form out, and sign it.
Parents should do this for swimmers under 16yo.
Hand in the completed form on Wednesday
evening 7th Jan. 2015, usual place.
A Cheque for the correct amount must be attached.
It must cover the ASA charge of £4.50 per event
entered, plus the usual admin charge of 50p/event
(maximum £1).

PLEASE NOTE: If  you do not meet this 7yh Jan.
deadline, of submitting Entry form and payment
Cheque, then unfortunately your entry will NOT
be included in the club entry, even if you have
completed step (A).

(i) Write on the back of the cheque the name
of the swimmer, and list the events entered.
(ii) Please attach a note your  paper entry form
 & Cheque, with your email address and phone
number, if they are not on your entry form,
in case there are any urgent queries.

Summary of the Promoter’s Conditions for Kent ASA Championships 2015.
·         The age of each swimmer shall be as at 8 March 2015.
·         The entry fee is £4.50 per individual event and £10 per team event
·         Any entry not received via a swimmer’s club will incur a £15 administration charge
·         All submitted entry times must have been achieved at a licensed meet level 1,2,3,4 on or after 16 February 2014.
·         Submitted times should be short course (converted long course times accepted using ‘ASA Equivalent Performance Tables’).
·         ONLY team managers/club coaches will WITHDRAW swimmers/teams from an event at least 45 minutes prior to the start of a session.
·         Failure to withdraw a swimmer/team 45 minutes prior to the start of a session will result in a fine, to be paid by the appropriate club, when any heat is swum with an empty lane, £10 per empty lane.
·         Heat start lists will be posted on poolside.  It is the swimmer’s responsibility to check the lists to ensure that they have been accepted into the event.
·         There will be Open finals for 50m and 100m events.  
·         All events 200m and above are Heat Declared Winners (HDW)
·         For those events with finals, as soon as possible after the heats have been completed the 6 finalists along with 2 reserves will be announced.  Swimmers and reserves are required to withdraw if they do not wish to take part in the final.
·         For all Heat Declared Winner (HDW) events, the last 3 heats will be spearheaded.  
·         For all events with a final the heats will be seeded slowest to fastest.
·         Team-Manager/Coach Passes
o    Where passes have been issued these MUST be worn at all times and on DISPLAY.
o    A maximum of 2 passes per club may be purchased at £15 per pass to cover all the championship dates.  Thereafter a club may apply for a free pass to a ratio of 1:10 swimmers above 20 swimmers on poolside per session.  A pass allows access to tea/coffee/biscuits at the start of each day and between sessions.
o    Failure to produce a pass when signing in will result in a temporary pass being issued at a cost of £15 before access to poolside.


(ii) Regional Championships. WOSC is in Kent, within the ASA South East Region.

Confirmed dates:

16th/17th May (K2, Crawley) 50-200m events; Ages 11-14 (Age-Groups)

23rd/24th May (Mountbatten, Portsmouth) 400m + events; All ages

30th/31st May (K2, Crawley) 50-200m events ; ages 15-17/Over (Youth)

For all matters concerning the ASA SE Region., including National & Regional News.

Note: With the New Competition Strucutre, there may be a new Winter Regional SC Meet in Portsmouth on 5/6 Dec 2014.


(iii) Zonal Championships. These are sub-National Championships with National level QTs. It is for Youth, Senior and Adult swimmer. The SE Region is (in the SOUTH ZONAL, together with the South West and London Regions.

The South Zonal Championship (and other Zonals) is a level 1 meet in a 50m pool and takes place on 31st January/1st February.

(iv) Age Group and Youth/senior Nationals.

(a) Age-Group Championships. For swimmers ages 10-14YO. These take place in the 50m pool at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, at the end of July.

(b) Youth & Senior Championships. For swimmers aged 15-17 (Youth) and 18-19(Senior). These take place in the 50m pool at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, at the beginning of August.

It may be seen that the Zonal championship is out of chronological sequence: it is more a reliminary for the British Championships, which occur in March. Qualifying times.

These are usually the selection trials for International Meets later in the swimming season.

Information is listed below in the Chronological order in which the Championships and Meets occur.


ASA British Gas Inter-County Championships in Ponds Forge, Sheffield, on 19th October 2014.

Harry is swimming the 100m free for Kent in the (National) Inter-County Championships in Ponds Forge, Sheffield, on 19th October 2014. He is in the Intermediate Age Group (those in school years 10 & 11), but being a young 14YO he could find himself racing the country's best young 16YO's. Harry is also taking part in the Medley and Freestyle relays, and the final 6x50m Mixed (Age & Gendre) relay. Good Luck Harry, just do your best.

The event is probably the liveliest Jamboree of British Swimming throughout the year. Many of the Swimmers wear war-paint, and there is much chanting!  But this will not stop Lancashire winning for the 10th year in a row. Harry swam the 100free &100back last year, and Kent's 4th pace in Div. 1. was the best result ever. A day trip is possible, and the entry fee is low, <£5 (ICC13). Things kick off at noon, and are all over by 3.00pm.


The Kent ASA Championships  The "Kents".


The Technical Committee of the ASA has failed to reach conclusions on the Nationwide Implementation of a New Competition Structure.

Hence Kent will be running their 2015 County championships as they were in 2014, with two important exceptions.  DETAILS

1. Qualifying times must have been obtained since 16th Feb. 2014. This means that times gained in the 2014 Kents CAN be used as QTs for the 2015 Kents. MaleQTs FemaleQTS

2. All events will be "Integrated": i.e. the seeded age-group and Open events will be combined. Swimmers will notice no difference, unless they previously swam in both. The resting time between events will be longer!

Note: 9, 10 & 11 year olds are still eligible!


ASA South East Region Winter Swimming Championships 2014 (SC), Portsmouth. Initial information. For 14YO+.

This is a new Regional SC championship, in line with the proposed New Competition Structure.

Since this new structure is not being implemented at County level, it is not clear if it will be implemented at Regional level...the details are only "initial" even as teh season progresses.


ASA South Zonal Championships 2015 (LC). For 14YO+.

31st Jan/1st Feb 2015. Aquatics Centre, London Full Details


British Championships, which occur in March. Qualifying times.