Imperial Club Records


Event Distance Female Club Record Time Male Club Record Time
U/10 Back Stroke 36.66yds Alex Connell 25.90 Richard Law 24.60
U/10 Breast Stroke 36.66yds Alex Connell 27.80 Alan Kelly 28.90
U/10 Butterfly 36.66yds Lynda Ford 23.80 Robert Lowrie 24.70
U/10 Freestyle 36.66yds Sarah Peters 22.50 Alan Kelly 21.30
U/11 Back Stroke 36.66yds Sarah Peters 26.00 Freddie Mawhood 26.10
U/11 Breast Stroke 36.66yds Mia Clements 26.40 Freddie Mawhood 28.90
U/11 Butterfly 36.66yds Alex Connell 24.80 Freddie Mawhood 23.85
U/11 Freestyle 36.66yds Mia Clements 21.60 Freddie Mawhood 21.70
U/12 Back Stroke 73.33yds Alex Connell 48.10 James Rohan 51.00
U/12 Breast Stroke 73.33yds Mia Clements 55.00 Ross Fisher 56.20
U/12 Butterfly 73.33yds Laura Kennedy 47.80 Paul Farrer 50.50
U/12 Freestyle 73.33yds Laura Kennedy 42.30 Danny Hurley 43.20
U/12 Individual Medley 4 x 1L Alex Connell 1:48.80 Freddie Mawhood 1:58.20
U/14 Back Stroke 110yds Sadie McGowan 1:12.30 Sean Perkins 1:09.00
U/14 Breast Stroke 110yds Mia Clements 1:22.10 Adam Freundlich 1:16.50
U/14 Butterfly 110yds Rachel Topley 1:10.20 Harvey Langman 1:09.00
U/14 Freestyle 110yds Rachel Topley 1:03.30 James Rohan 59.10
U/14 Freestyle 440yds Alex Connell 5:01.30 Adam Freundlich 4:52.10
U/14 Individual Medley 4 x 1L Keely Hills 1:41.80 James Rohan 1:36.90
U/17 Back Stroke 110yds Sarah Hodge 1:11.40 Edwin Stone 1:04.00
U/17 Breast Stroke 110yds Maria Spring 1:17.60 Adam Freundlich 1:09.80
U/17 Butterfly 110yds Rachel Topley 1:10.20 Harvey Langman 1:01.90
U/17 Freestyle 110yds Rachel Topley 1:03.30 Harvey Langman 56.80
U/17 Individual Medley 4 x 1L Emily Carver 1:40.40 Ross Fisher 1:30.75
Open Back Stroke 110yds Sarah Hodge 1:11.30 Adam MacFarlane 1:03.00
Open Back Stroke 220yds Sadie McGowan 2:34.20 Edwin Stone 2:15.50
Open Breast Stroke 110yds Maria Spring 1:17.60 Adam Freundlich 1:09.80
Open Breast Stroke 220yds Maria Spring 2:46.40 Adam Freundlich 2:35.12
Open Butterfly 110yds Jannicke Newsham 1:08.10 Graham Smith 59.50
Open Butterfly 220yds Jannicke Newsham 2:31.90 Graham Smith 2:13.20
Open Freestyle 110yds Jannicke Newsham 1:01.70 Graham Smith 52.50
Open Freestyle 220yds Jannicke Newsham 2:13.60 Graham Smith 1:54.90
Open Freestyle 440yds Keely Hills 4:41.80 Graham Smith 4:10.60
Open Freestyle 880yds Jane Marsh 9:51.80 Chris Woods 8:47.50
Open Freestyle 1,650yds Maria Spring 20:04.60 Chris Woods 16:41.10
Open IM 4 x 1L Jannicke Newsham 1:40.20 Graham Smith 1:28.20
Open IM 4 x 2L Maria Spring 3:33.00 Chris Woods 3:13.30
Open IM 4 x 4L Keely Hills 5:22.40 Chris Woods 4:53.60
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