Committee / Club Fees

Further to the letter from our Acting Chair, the fees for all squads will be increased from 1 January 2014 as follows:

Squad Annual Fees Monthly Installments
Platinum £744 £62
Club Squad £360 £30
Gold £576 £48
Silver £504 £42
Bronze £432 £36

Note, if you have two or more children, there is a 10% discount (on the lower amount).

Click here for the standing order form or  Click here for the form to amend your existing standing order


All our existing swimmers' ASA memberships need to be renewed on an annual basis - the fee for all our Bronze squad swimmers is £11 (Category 1) and £29.50 for all our other swimmers (Category 2).

It is a legal requirement that all swimmers join the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), which is the regulated governing body for swimming across Great Britain. 

All members receive insurance cover by becoming a member, as well as other benefits such as preferential rates from a number of companies (these can be found on the ASA website).  Swimmers of any age who compete in any discipline in open competitions and galas of any description must have Category 2 membership.  

Memberships run from January to January and the ASA unfortunately does not offer reductions for those swimmers who join several months into the year.

 Payment can be made by cash or cheque made payable to WOSC and paid to Kelly Chandler, Membership Secretary on a Wednesday evening in the café.  Please email the Club Treasurer ( with any queries.

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