Committee / Club Bye-Laws


New members shall have the benefit of a maximum of a 3 week FREE trial at the end of which they must leave the club or pay the full subscription fee for their allotted squad. Once a person is accepted into membership they are obliged to pay their subscription fee and any other financial obligation (if applicable) until they officially resign.

The clubs have various forms of membership which are as follows:-

Full Members – These are members who are full time participants in either swimming, diving or life saving. Under the current ASA membership categories, Category One is for all members of any age who are learning to swim or who are swimmers at any level who compete in local galas and leagues that do not finish with a National final or do not compete in open competitions. Category Two is for swimmers of all ages who compete in galas that finish with a National final (Speedo & Jnr Speedo for example) or take part in open competitions.

Student Members – These are members that are active swimmers, aged 18yrs & over attending full-time educational establishments.

Supporter Members – These are members that are club administrators (committee members), helpers, coaches, teachers and Officials. Under the current ASA membership categories these members are categorised in category three.

Social Members – Any person, including parents, wishing to speak or vote at an AGM/SGM will have to apply for membership and pay the appropriate membership fees. Social members membership will be reviewed and agreed/declined when their annual subscriptions are due. Under the current ASA membership categories these members are categorised in category three.

Guest Members – These are casual swimmers who want to join on a temporary basis.

Life Members – The committee has the power to grant Life Membership to any person in recognition of exceptional services given to any of the clubs. Under the current ASA membership categories these members are categorised in category three.

ALL membership applications are subject to committee approval and although subscription fees may have been accepted they will not be considered members until they have received their approval slip. If membership is refused any monies owing will be refunded. To be eligible to vote at an AGM or SGM you must have been a member of the Club for a minimum of 3 months prior to the date of the AGM or SGM taking place.

The clubs will pay the ASA registration fees for all active serving officials and poolside helpers, currently category three under the current ASA membership categories.

Any person who is receipt of regular fees for duties carried out on behalf of the club will automatically be a Voting member subject to a conflict of interests. The committee may grant honorary membership instead but this will be regularly reviewed.


Resignations must be in writing and handed to the Subscription Secretary, Secretary or any other Committee member. Failure to do so will mean that membership fees will be due up until the Club knows a member has resigned and such fees will have to be paid to the club. If that member is in the ASA CAT2 category then they must also complete the ASA resignation form.

If someones fees are 3 months overdue it will be deemed that the member has resigned, as laid out in section 5.2 of the clubs constitution. The club are entitled to claim any and all subscription fees due and can sue and report the individual(s) to the ASA.


Reduced subscription fees are available for families. We operate a system whereby every child after the first child receives a 10% reduction in fees, we also give a 5% reduction if you pay a years fees in advance.

Reduction to fees or even refunds may be made if members suffer an injury that incapacitates them for period of a month or more. The committee should be made aware of this as soon as possible otherwise members may lose their right to a consideration in their fees. The Committee, whose decision will be final, will decide upon each case individually. Members must pay a fee to keep their membership continuous, this will enable them to be eligible to compete in Club Championships.

No reduction in fees will be made for annual holidays or when the committee decides on a seasonal timetable as these have already been factored into the subscription charges.

Fees must be paid within the timescales set out in the Club’s constitutions, failure to do so could lead to the member being suspended, sued, reported to the ASA and expelled from the club.

We operate two rates for Full Time Students. Student rate 1 is for students living away from home on a termly basis. Student rate 2 is for students not living away from home on a termly basis and not swimming more than once session a week. Any other students not falling into either of these two categories will have to pay the full amount for their squad.


Members are expected to behave in a sensible manner in and around all the pools that the club uses whether at training or at galas.

Swimmers should behave in a manner that will not cause offence to other people.

Swimmers should be on poolside prior to the time that their squad is scheduled to swim. Parents who are late in dropping off their children should make this known to the coach or a committee member. Further non-validated occurrences may result in that member being asked to leave the session.

Swimmers should listen and follow instructions given to them by their coach and behave in a manner, which does not disrupt the training of others, failure to do so may result in that member being asked to leave the session and sit on poolside for 10 minutes. Further occurrences in the same session may result in that member being asked to leave the session.

When appropriate parents will be made aware of warnings given to swimmers and informed that further incidents will be put before the Clubs disciplinary committee.

Any dealings by the Clubs disciplinary committee will be carried out in accordance with A.S.A law.


We have separate rules covering Club Championships and Club Records, if required ask a Committee member for a copy.


The club has their own criteria for the various squads. These criteria are reviewed on a regular basis and changed if it is found necessary to do so. Swimmers are only allowed to move squads when they are ‘Officially’ notified in writing or their parents are spoken to by the Club’s squad movement coordinator.


The Committee should be made aware, in writing (which may have to be supported by a doctors and/or medical representatives letter), of any illness or injury that will either stop a member swimming for more than 1 month or will affect their training in any way for a similar period of time. This should be done as soon as possible after the start of the illness or injury (see also the subscription section).

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